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Areas of Focus


Hey Mama, how are you doing?

Whether trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, or experiencing grief and doubt as your child grows older, it's understandable that you're struggling to keep it all together emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Through individual sessions, I will help you reflect on your needs, explore the uniqueness (and normalcy) of your motherhood journey, and identify ways to create balance and nourishment in your life.

I hope for you to feel understood and empowered as you leave each session.

Working from Home
Family Together


Yes, we've all been here--the ups and downs of relationships are inevitable.

Sometimes though, we aren't sure whether the bumpy road is worth the ride.

Through individual sessions, we'll explore your own needs and values, develop confidence in setting boundaries or taking difficult next steps, and reflect on how you'd like to show up for yourself and your loved ones.

Work/Life Balance

Are you finding it difficult to relax and truly enjoy time with yourself and loved ones?

Maybe physically you don't have the time; maybe mentally, you're always worrying about work and having a hard time enjoying the small moments or things that used to fulfill you; maybe emotionally, you've become so overwhelmed that you've withdrawn from things that are important to you like friends, family, hobbies, or maintaining your health.

Through individual sessions, we'll identify the barriers to living your ideal life, clarify your needs and values, develop confidence in setting boundaries, and empower you to maintain balance and clarity in your everyday life.

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Stressed Woman


Are you constantly thinking about the future or the past? Are you often wondering "What if? What if? What if?" and imagining the worst case scenario? When we're caught up in our heads, we don't get to enjoy the small moments -- we're simply in survival mode! Through individual sessions, I offer a calm and experiential space to explore the root of your anxieties and to train your mind to be clearer, calmer, and in the present moment.

Grief & Loss

Not only is grieving the loss of a loved one or a relationship a complicated process--it's isolating, scary, and uncertain. There is no right way to grieve. Through individual sessions, I offer a calm and non-judgmental space to process your experience with grief and loss. Through story-telling and reflection, we will help to move the natural process of grieving along with the goal of learning how to function in your everyday life while carrying the positive and loving memories of your loved one.

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