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My rate is $150 per 50-minute session.

What is your rate/fee?

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Do you accept insurance?

At this time, I accept most Aetna and Cigna insurance plans. Please note that there are limited slots available for those using insurance.


 A Superbill may be provided upon request if you'd like to self-pay and use out of network benefits or seek reimbursement from your insurance company.


How do I know if therapy

is right for me?

Therapy is "right" for you if you:

- have anything on your mind and heart that you would like to let out

- are wanting a non-judgmental space where someone listens to you with compassion and understanding

- are wanting coping tools

- are wanting guidance in how to navigate life's challenges

- have thought about it for a while!

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I've never been to therapy before. What can I expect?

You can expect a non-judgmental, compassionate, and productive space to explore your story and ideal self, to learn the "why" behind your thoughts/emotions/behaviors, and to practice using tools that work specifically for you to help you live in line with your values. Best of all, I'm here for it all! I will guide and walk alongside you as you work toward your goals.

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